About The Flyways

Our Story.

We were brought together by a common outlook on our economic system and a shared purpose to transform how investment serves our society.

After many years running non-profits and social enterprises, our founder, Hillary Strobel, sought to impact the source of many social injustices: the inequitable distribution of money. She quickly assembled a team of values-aligned activists and investment professionals to begin funneling capital toward initiatives advocating people, planet, and empowered connections.

Our team brings together diverse perspectives and talents from across sectors. We are a relationship-driven and action-oriented group dedicated to the tenets of social justice and social finance.

If what we’ve shared resonates with you, we hope you will reach out to make yourself a part of our story.


Our Board.

Louisa Shepherd: Director, Collective Impact at Epicenter Memphis

Brandi Johnson: Digital Marketing Strategy and Product Management; Founder, Hey Brandi!

Jo-Ann Hamilton: Educator, Author, Social Justice Advocate; Founder, Secret Birds HQ


Our Partners.